Information Technology Resources

Teachers and students, as well as administrative staff of the Program, have access to computers connected to the Internet. The computer resources are coordinated by the Nucleus of Technical Support (NTS) of the Information Technology Superintendence of the UFBA (CPD) that provides technical and operational support to the specific activities of the Program's teachers and students. These activities include: development and maintenance of systems and websites, maintenance of computers and network, installation and updating of softwares, hardwares and accessories.
The NTS installed and constantly updates the Electronic System for the Editing of Magazines _ SEER _ used by the Nursing Journal of Bahia (Revista Baiana de Enfermagem). In 2013, the NTS implemented the new page of the Program on the Internet in order to offer sustainability conditions by training the PPGENF Secretariat staff in the maintenance and adjustments necessary for the proper functioning of the page. The NTS continues to support the use of the SEER by the Magazine. The availability of the Virtual Private Network (VPN), hosted by the UFBA server, is also under the responsibility of the NTS.
All teachers’ rooms and student classrooms are equipped with computers connected to the Internet. The secretariat of the postgraduate course counts on all the infrastructure of computer science to carry out its activities.
The UFBA-academic, UFBA-administrative and UFBA-visitor WI-FI networks are available as a technological resource already incorporated in academic spaces as part of the infrastructure, since they indicate the modernization and facilitation of access to virtual environments necessary for training in the scope of teaching, research and outreach activities. In this sense, it is worth mentioning the access to the Portal of Periodicals of CAPES.
The NTS, together with the statistical advisory services of the School, offers support and training to students and teachers for the use of softwares for research, especially statistical packages for database elaboration and analysis, such as the SPSS (Statistical Package for the Social Sciences) and STATA. It also allows the capture of micro data available in public domain databases such as those from the National Household Sample Survey (PNAD/IBGE).
The studies that use qualitative data have resorted to softwares such as ALCEST, Tri-Deux-Mot, ATLAS.TI, EndNote, among others for use and training of students, for research purposes.
The available computer resources allow online access to journal databases and full textswith the use of desktop computers or notebooks, tablets, smartphones and smartTVs, within the environment of the UFBA.
Teachers and students also have access to full texts in their homes through the Virtual Private Network (VPN), through emails of the @ufba domain.
The Program provides a large copier of the EEUFBA, as well as copiers in the teaching rooms, administrative environments, study rooms and laboratories.